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Top 4 Helpful Tips for Buying Your First Aston Martin

Date: November 15th, 2020

Buying your first Aston Martin is a rite of passage few ever get to experience. Whether you opt to buy your luxury vehicle secondhand or brand-new, that purchase is the result of a lifelong dream, but the process itself can make you a little apprehensive. To make the most of your first Aston Martin purchase, here are a few tips.

Choose Your Model

Research is critical when it comes to making an Aston Martin investment. Spend some time reading up on the types of cars the automaker offers, including information covering road and safety tests, races, and histories. Stating that you want an Aston Martin simply isn’t enough.

Honing in on your ideal model isn’t easy, but there are a few things you can consider to assist you with the process. Make a list of models that interest you based on aesthetics alone, then your preferred powertrain options, must-have features, and price points. You’ll also want to measure your garage, since certain models like the Aston Martin V8 feature a broader berth and wider doors than your typical coupe.

Doing this extra research may take weeks, even months, but you want to be absolutely certain that you’re making the best decision.

Shop Around

While Aston Martin dealerships are few and far between, you can still see as many models as you can by visiting your nearest dealership. Even if you’ve already decided which model you want to buy, there are still variations in prices for the same exact model, making shopping around a necessity.

The best Aston Martin vehicles are sold through specialist dealerships like Lauderdale Imports, Ltd. These are also the best places for getting up close and personal with various models. A car may look great on paper, but you can’t beat your own personal experience behind the wheel.

Review Your Finances

An Aston Martin isn’t a car you would buy on a whim. It takes careful financial planning to determine if you can afford one, and considerations go beyond the initial purchase price. You’ll want to go over the money it costs to operate the car and have it maintained. Certain engines also guzzle more gas than others, which is something to keep in mind for when those fuel prices start creeping back up.

One of the biggest responsibilities of being an Aston Martin owner comes with the servicing and repairs required to keep the car in optimal shape. If you think a couple of thousand dollars is too much for a basic servicing, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

Join the Aston Martin Owners Club

Once you’ve officially purchased an Aston Martin, be sure to join the Aston Martin Owners Club. This prestigious club connects you with other owners via worldwide events and an online forum, plus it’s the place to register your model. You can also find great advice on maintaining your car from owners across the globe.

Never take your first Aston Martin purchase lightly. Do your homework, review your options, and be financially prepared to enjoy one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

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