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Top 5 Facts on How to Maintain Your New Aston Martin

Date: November 15th, 2020

Owning a luxury car takes much more than the ability to pay a steep price and accelerate quickly. Most owners have dreamed of their luxury vehicle for years. They’ve studied the pricing, the miles per gallon, and the performance specifications. For those in the market for a new Aston Martin, their questions may focus on things like horsepower and torque. Buyers may get excited about various options for seats, trim, and entertainment features, while forgetting to ask for important details about car care. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your new Aston Martin.

Fact 1: Cleaning is good, but it is not just about how you clean.

It is about what you clean with. Different kinds of leather require specific products. Car owners should be mindful of the various options available, read the labels, and be careful to follow instructions. Most luxury cars have leather seats, wood trim, and, of course, glass windows. The appropriate products should be used for each of these to enhance appearance and improve longevity. Auto Expert suggests Armor All’s Ultra Shine Wash & Wash Detailer Spray for noticeable exterior radiance and debris removal.

Fact 2: Maintaining a car requires time management skills.

Every car should follow a specific maintenance schedule. Owner’s manuals usually contain recommendations including oil changes, air filters, belt replacements, batteries, and brakes. Car Care says brakes and belts should be evaluated each year. Most oil changes are recommended every 3000 miles, but this may vary by the car. Lights and oil amounts should be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Fact 3: The way you drive has a long term impact on your car.

Misuse of the brakes and even speeding over bumps on the road can cause damage to your Aston Martin. It is much better to let the car slow down on its own as opposed quickly pressing the brakes, especially if this is an ongoing habit. According to Edmunds, this helps to reduce wear and tear. Hitting speed bumps quickly and without care can cause tire damage, affect wheel alignment, and ruin suspension.

Fact 4: Tires play a major role.

Maintaining tires can improve fuel economy and improve safety. Worn tires can burn extra fuel and cost you more than necessary over time. Improperly inflated tires can cause a safety issue or lead to unnecessary tread wear. Tires must also be balanced and aligned.

Fact 5: Where you park is important.

Garage parking can not only minimize the risk of theft, but also minimize exterior car damage. This can protect your car from outside elements and protect your paint. This can also prevent sun damage that may discolor leather or interior panels. Garaging will also prevent those dreaded nicks and dings caused by fallen rocks or leaves. Surprisingly, the elements can be extremely damaging to your car.

In the world of luxury car buying there are many things that matter, but new owners must be sure to consider the most important facts. Every car needs maintenance and this upkeep may require additional funds. Beyond the purchasing price, features, and specifications, Aston Martin maintenance is also worth discussing at the car dealership. Protect your vehicle from the start and get more for your money.

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