Which is More Expensive: Bentley or Rolls-Royce?

2021 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid


If you are in search of a vehicle that delivers the ultimate in luxury, the Bentley and Rolls-Royce lineups are more than deserving of your consideration. Each brand offers a plethora of opulent amenities sure to elevate your daily drives around St. Louis and Ft. Lauderdale. Because each brand has such a strong array of vehicles, how do you narrow down your search? Below, we will explore Bentley vs. Rolls-Royce price points to help you determine which offers the most value for you. 

Here are the areas we will be comparing: 

  • Bentley vs Rolls-Royce: Pricing by Model
  • Bentley vs Rolls-Royce: Reliability
  • Bentley vs Rolls-Royce: Warranty Coverage
  • Bentley vs Rolls-Royce: Residual Value

Bentley vs. Rolls-Royce: Pricing by Model 

Which is more expensive: Bentley or Rolls-Royce? Compare Bentley vs. Rolls-Royce price information by exploring the price ranges for some of the most popular models in each lineup. 

MSRP ranges for popular Rolls-Royce models include:

  • 2020 Rolls-Royce Phantom: $455,000 — $535,000
  • 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost: $311,900
  • 2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan: $330,000

MSRP ranges for popular Bentley models include:

  • 2021 Bentley Bentayga: $167,000 — $245,000
  • 2021 Bentley Continental GT: $202,500 — $240,800
  • 2021 Bentley Flying Spur: $196,000–$216,700

Bentley vs Rolls-Royce: Reliability

Because each brand expertly crafts every one of its vehicles with remarkable attention to detail, you can expect outstanding performance and craftsmanship no matter which vehicle you select. These luxury models feature only the highest quality components, so you do not have to worry about frequent visits to the service center. Drive with complete confidence behind the wheel of any Bentley or Rolls-Royce vehicle. 

Bentley vs Rolls-Royce: Warranty Coverage 

Now that you know more about Rolls-Royce vs. Bentley price information and reliability, let’s take a closer look at warranty coverage for each brand:

  • The impressive Rolls-Royce Warranty is included with your purchase. Your vehicle is covered against defects in parts and workmanship for up to four years.
  • Each new Bentley is covered by a 3 year/unlimited mileage comprehensive warranty. It includes bumper-to-bumper and powertrain components. 

Bentley vs Rolls-Royce: Residual Value

Once again, because both Bentley and Rolls-Royce vehicles are world-renowned for their quality, you can expect them to retain a large portion of their value as the years go by. They could even become a collector piece down the road. Remember that keeping up with routine maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer will ensure your vehicle remains in pristine condition as long as possible. 

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