Who Owns Bugatti?

Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel

The Bugatti brand is known throughout the world for its impeccable design and undeniable performance, but how does this ultra-premium sports car end up on the roads of Fort Lauderdale or St. Louis? In this guide, Holman Motorcars walks you through the basics of the brand, so you can find out who owns Bugatti and where Bugatti is made. Read on to learn all about the company, and visit us in Fort Lauderdale or St. Louis to get behind the wheel of a new sports car today!

When was Bugatti Founded?

Bugatti is a French company that was founded in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti. In the early days, the brand focused on race cars and street cars in Alsace. Ettore Bugatti left the company to his son, Jean Bugatti, and the brand pivoted to sports and touring vehicles. This set the stage for future success.

Did Ownership Change Hands?

Bugatti has gone through many different owners throughout its long history. Bugatti remained in the family from 1909 until 1952, but the company ran into difficulties and eventually shut down for several decades. In 1987, Romano Artoli then bought the company with the intent to create the ultimate supercar, the EB110. This success was short-lived, and the company shut down once again in 1995.

Does Volkswagen Own Bugatti?

Yes, Volkswagen took over the company to breathe new life into the brand. As of 1999, Bugatti automobile SAS became an official branch of Volkswagen – stationed back in its original headquarters of Alsace. Volkswagen was at the helm when Bugatti released the popular Veyron and Chiron models.

Where is Bugatti Made?

As one of the leading French auto manufacturers in the world, Bugatti remains loyal to its French roots. Bugatti’s head office and assembly plants are both currently located in Molsheim, Alsace in France. Feel free to browse the new Bugatti inventory to admire the sleek European design and pristine quality. 

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